Jack is a lifelong collector who is trying to finish his deck of found playing cards. When he finds the four of spades, he realizes that he only needs one final card and is convinced that he’s been given a sign: surely, when he finds the queen of hearts, he’ll finally find love. But while he’s looking all over for his queen, is he overlooking the people around him? This funny and poignant short musical film finds love in unexpected places, because when you play them right, love is always in the cards.

Love is in the Cards..


Directed By
Linda Hildonen and Colby Michaud

Written by
Linda Hildonen Music by Colby Michaud

Michael Pullen

Amber Kachmar

Daniel Bridgman

Andrew Allen

Director of Photography
Colby Michaud

Camera Operation
Colby Michaud and Zachary Stearn

Design/Press Kit/Website
Linda Hildonen

Special Thanks To
Coffee By Design
The Maine Film Association

The City of Portland, Maine